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New chairman seeks more alumni connections

The USF Alumni Association unanimously elected Dr. Anila Jain as the chairman of the board during its annual meeting of members on June 7. She was previously the president elect.

“There are 175,000 alumni all over the world,” Jain said. “I would like to get more alumni involved with their alma mater not only on the main campus, but all the campuses.”

Emmanuel Auguste, liaison for chapters and societies of the association, said Jain works hard in recruiting alumni and is already helping board members to connect more with each other by working with Lisa Lewis, president of alumni affairs, to host a retreat.

“The mission of the USF Alumni Association Board of Directors is to be the connection between university and alumni,” said Jain.

One example would be assisting alumni in continuing education at the university, such as taking graduate courses in the future.

“I think, during her term, she is going to change the way we do things at the association in terms of getting the association to provide better services for alumni, that our alumni can grow not only personally but professionally as well. I think she’s going to help to create more networking opportunities for alumni and for students,” said Auguste, noting the importance of university students having professional role models.

Lewis called Jain a strong leader, able to represent them at many different events.

“She’s been involved and understands the needs of the Alumni Association,” said Lisa Lewis.

Before graduating in 1981, Jain served as a representative of the student body by becoming one of the first USF Ambassadors. Now, with the 25th anniversary of the organization occurring in 2004, she has become the first ambassador to become chairman of the national alumni association.

Jain, a physician in Bradenton, won the National Distinguished Alumni Award from USF in 1985. She has also served on the boards of the Sarasota and Manatee chapters for the past 15 years as a member and as president in the past. This is her second term on the board at national level.

“Although she’s busy with her medical practice and she’s busy with her family life, she always finds time to give back to USF,” said Auguste, who has worked with her for four years.

“She has maintained a lifelong connection,” Lewis said.Jain will serve a one-year term.

“It’s a great honor,” Jain said.

Jain replaces Jim Magill as Chairman of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.