Summer fun means summer jobs

After the Labor Department’s announcement earlier this month that the unemployment rate for teens is 18.5 percent, the highest in nine years, many students are realizing why it’s so difficult to find a summer job. Summer normally means more free time for students, and thus, more expenses, so it’s often necessary to work in the summer months. Here are a few ways to be aware of employment opportunities in this area.

The Career Center at USF has resources to help students find jobs and stand out in interviews. Not only do they sponsor career fairs, but they offer resume editing services as well. Their Web site has a job search feature where search options range from part-time or full-time work as well as where the job is located.

After finding a potential job, there are more steps to take.

“The most prevalent step (students) overlook and fail to do is follow up,” said Dan van Hoose, assistant director of the Career Center’s career development team.

Van Hoose said many job seekers feel that an employer will call the applicant back if they’re interested in hiring him or her. However, he said, so many people will be interested in the position, they won’t have to return phone calls. Because of this, van Hoose says follow-ups are necessary.

“It can be as simple as a call on the phone,” van Hoose said. “It’s just to show some interest, enthusiasm and motivation.”

Van Hoose also suggested looking for seasonal work through youth programs, summer camps or other organizations that supervise young children. He also said service and retail industries are a good source of part-time work, such as fast food or movie theaters. They’re also flexible with schedules.

Van Hoose also suggested looking and driving around the neighborhood when looking for jobs.

“It’s important to be aware of where you live and what’s close by,” van Hoose said.

He recommended thinking about what areas [job sites or employers] would need help with. He also said students could talk to their friends, especially those who were just hired because they’ll know of openings.

Students can also take advantage of the Career Center’s resume services. They can look at The Oracle’s classified section for help-wanted ads.

Outside of USF, there are Internet search engines that can be helpful in finding a job, or even just giving an idea of what industries are hiring. These include,,