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Letters to the Editor 6/5

Starbucks is evil, but argument was flawed

RE: Opinion Column June 2nd,
Stir Away from Starbucks

First of all, I wholeheartedly agree with many of Sebastian Meyer’s gripes. But check out the hypocrisy!

He’s mad that they charged for water when the Twin Towers fell during 9/11, but still “went to the one on Fowler Avenue…in search (of) coffee last week.”

And his wife calls a Starbucks job “slave labor.” Wow! I wonder if she knows what real slave labor is, where conditions are less than inhumane and many don’t get any time off at all, let alone (boo-hoo) Christmas. She’s the one who took the job and stayed there for 2 1/2 years. Just why does Meyer think Sacred Grounds created t-shirts that read “corporate coffee sucks”- because they were taking a genuine stand on corporate coffee? Read between the lines. It’s called self-promotion, a true corporate move if I ever heard one.

In closing, does it make sense to cite a Hollywood film (especially an Austin Power’ flick) in order to drive one’s point home about any real-life problem?

Barbara Ness is a USF senior.