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Letters to the Editor 5/28

Middle East woke up to reality of terrorism

Anger and frustration with a promise for revenge was what the Jordanian Newspapers expressed in the wake of the recent bombing in Saudi Arabia which killed many, among them 4 Jordanian children. This reflects the new attitude of urgency which I have seen develop in the Middle East eliminating the issue of terrorism. The problem became a reality only recently, since the earlier attacks of Sept. 11 involved only the United States. The impression that the Arab world maintained at that time was that the struggle was alien to them and that it had a minimal impact on their existence. In a recent headline for Al-Ra’i which is the largest newspaper in Jordan, the editor wrote in a large banner “If we stand silent to what the terrorists are doing then we are only helping their cause.” This statement sums up the new attitude that the Arab Street is reflecting toward the issue of terrorism.

Abdo Masoud is a USF student majoring in International Studies