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Fun 2 Drive Ratio

The Mazda RX 8 is probably the most anticipated Mazda in history. After the demise of the much loved and sought-after RX 7, many complained about the lack of a rotary engine sports car on the market. This rotary engine, a Mazda exclusive, is what makes the RX 8 and previous RXs special.

Unlike a traditional engine that contains pistons and rods working with too many moving parts, a rotary engine contains either two or three moving parts, two in this instance. What is so special about the Mazda RX 8 you might ask? The answer is simple.

Formula 1 and Indy racers aside, only a rotary engine can tolerate a 9,000 rpm rev without any damage to the engine, compared to traditional sports cars, which usually can only hit 8,000 rpm. What do all these numbers mean? Well, imagine sitting at a red light, and when the light turns green, you mash the gas pedal and keep it mashed for a lot longer than you normally do before you have to shift. This gives you the ability to squeeze every ounce of power out of your engine. It also gives you unparalleled passing power and exceptionally tall gearing.

All these factors translate to a high fun-to-drive ratio. The RX 8 is an absolute work of art. From its sleek, sexy shape, to the art deco interior, it is apparent that this is a sports car to collect. The interior sports exclusive design, it will not be mistaken for another car. Such minute details as the incorporation of rotary triangles into the front headrest and gear shift serve as reminders for what is under the hood.

The RX 8 features suicide doors opening at the center of the door, allowing incomparable access to the rear seats, plus comfortable seating for four adults. There are two available engines: a 210 hp coupled with an automatic and limited to 7,500 rpm, and the 250 hp, 9,000 rpm sweetheart coupled with a six-speed manual. At $31,000 for a completely loaded RX 8, this is definitely a sports car to have. Although power-to-price ratio might seem low, the RX 8 is a lot of car for the money, plus it offers exotic car exclusivity.

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