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Proof of Hussein’s death needed

U.S. Special Forces have captured another half-brother of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein. Barzan Ibrahim Hasan is the second of Hussein’s three half-bothers to be captured by U.S. forces. Watban Ibrahim Hasan, the first half-brother captured by U.S. troops, was captured earlier in the week. Saddam’s third half-brother is believed to have taken refuge in neighboring Syria.

Although the capture of those heavily involved in the workings of the Iraqi regime is crucial to the efforts of Operation Iraqi Freedom, two half-brothers don’t make a Saddam. DNA taken from Hussein isn’t Hussein himself. While the majority of Americans were for the war, most all were for the capture of Saddam Hussein. Until coalition forces find solid evidence of the demise of Saddam, their mission in Iraq will not end.

The Iraqi people, although aware of their newly acquired freedom, still fear their ruthless ex-dictator. Until evidence is shown to them that Hussein will never have control of Iraq again, it will never be life as usual.

Americans, too, deserve proof of Saddam’s death, not to mention the death of Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. If President Bush is going to do battle with the leaders of the evil empires of the world, he owes the people he’s helping, and each and every American, the demise of these evil men.

Already, support for the war is beginning to wane. Justification for remaining in Iraq is running low. If the capture of Hussein’s two half-brothers don’t generate some promising leads as to the dictator’s whereabouts, questions will only begin to mount.

This war for freedom will not be complete until the death of Hussein can be proven to the world with solid, irrefutable evidence. Evidence such as that is owed to the entire world.

U. Wire — Oklahoma State U.