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Online services for smart car shopping

Next to buying a home, there are very few purchases requiring the time and research involved in the selection of a car. Fortunately, car buyers can turn to the Internet for a vast amount of information about cars and the buying process.

1. Carpoint

When selecting a new or used car, it’s always good to have the honest opinions of those who already own a particular vehicle. Besides providing potential car buyers with the opinions of several other consumers, the Web site also features common problems the majority of owners have experienced with specific cars.

2. New Car Negotiators

Those looking to buy a car tend to agree that the worst part of the process is negotiating a price with dealers. This new service takes the confusion and stress out of purchasing a new car by providing a low quote from an area dealer, or by allowing a trained professional to do all the work of bargaining for the lowest price.


Researching the history of a car one intends to purchase can be a wise decision. Some vehicles could have problems that may affect resale value or pose possible safety issues. For a small fee, visitors can research the history of a car to find any possible problems that may exist.

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