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Another shocking flashlight and file-sharing bliss

Titan FM Flashlight Stun Gun

In a world of violent crimes, it is necessary for consumers to have the upper hand against would-be perpetrators.

Golden Bridge Technology has developed a tool that, at first, appears to be an ordinary flashlight.

However, underneath the normal exterior, the small device hides a stun gun that packs a substantial charge of 85,000 volts.

With this voltage rating, a moderate blast lasting 1 to 3 seconds will cause an attacker to collapse. A full charge of 3 to 6 seconds will fully immobilize attackers, dropping them to the ground and leaving them dazed for several minutes.

Powering the unit is a 3.6V rechargeable battery, which is included.

Also included is a carrying case that allows for the device to easily be attached to a belt.

The Titan FM Flashlight Stun Gun retails for $39.99.

Gustavo Hernandez

DC ++

The latest client for Direct Connect contains many features that improve on the faults of the original file-trading program.

DC++ allows file-traders to access a large network of hubs, where they can trade files with other Direct Connect users.

One added feature is multiple hub connections, which permit Direct Connect traders to receive an enhanced number of returns through the search function.

Also contributing to the ease of use is the auto-resume function that searches for other users with the same file to resume the download process.

A cleaner interface gives users a much clearer view of important options. The multi-tabbed option allows traders to quickly manage various tasks from one window.

DC++ is currently only available for Windows and is free to download from the developer’s Web site.

Gustavo Hernandez