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Letters to the Editor 4/15

Story’s incorrect facts mislead readers

This letter is in reference to an editorial titled “Free speech gets three strikes” that appeared in the April 11 edition of The Oracle. I have caught numerous mistakes in past articles that never get corrected. This is annoying and an insult to my and other readers’ intelligence.

The Revolutionary War was not fought more than 300 years ago; it was fought more than 200 years ago. While I will concede that this could have been a simple typographical or mathematical error, it has the perception of being an error in fact, which has no place in any newspaper. An article in an editorial section should certainly be edited.

Beyond this minor annoyance, I don’t understand how being uninvited to a private function is in any way an infringement on freedom of speech. The last time I checked, baseball is not a branch of the government. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon still have the right to say whatever they want without consequence of government reprisal.

The same cannot be said for how individuals, organizations or corporations will react to people exercising their right to free speech. I certainly have the right to not to support Robbins’ and Sarandon’s views by not viewing anything they are a part of, including a tribute to Bull Durham. Dale Petroskey was well within his right to request the actors not attend the event so as to not alienate some of baseball’s audience. Your argument is like telling a former Dixie Chicks fan that he or she still has to buy Dixie Chicks’ albums after statements made by the band while in Europe. It’s just silly. If you don’t like Petroskey’s decision, don’t attend any baseball games. You don’t have to support him if you don’t want to. You do, however, have to understand that he is well within his rights by his actions.

I can only guess that some of The Oracle staff members have aspirations to move further in the career path of journalism. If this is the case, please learn to check your facts and at least attempt to make a valid argument.

Steve Gordon is a postgraduate biology student.