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Sevendust and Company arrive at Twilight

With two albums and a handful of radio singles, including “Waffle” and “Denial,” Sevendust is currently touring in support of their latest effort, Animosity, which varies in rock influences and was inspired by the band’s rigorous touring schedule.

Sevendust brings along Trust Company, Finger Eleven and Project 86 for a stop at Twilight in Tampa on Saturday.

Animosity is the product of the band members reflecting on the past and concentrating on their future.

Sevendust rocks harder and digs deeper on Animosity; riffs are heavier, and ballads reveal emotional scars.

One emotional song is “Angel’s Son,” a tribute to the Lynn Strait, the late singer from the group Snot.

The album also contains metal-inspired tracks that are heavier than previous releases.

On “Crucified,” frontman Lajon Witherspoon sings, “The first time I knew you lied/ I ended up crucified/My hate you wear for my cross you bear/ It’s for me I swear.” Animosity showcases Witherspoon’s ability to both write touching lyrics and sing vengeful songs.

The Montgomery-based quartet Trust Company tags along for the tour. Trust Company debuted on Universal last year with The Lonely Position of Neutral and the single “Downfall.”

With Puddle of Mudd’s tour and Korn’s Pop Sucks tour on Trust Company’s resume, the not-so-struggling band is gaining mainstream speed.

Project 86 is also along for the ride, sporting a brand-spanking-new, disillusionment-tinged, Wall-esque concept album (see CD review, page 11).

Despite the suggestion of Sevendust’s album title, be prepared for Saturday’s show to include songs that could spawn mosh pits and songs that make you sway your lighter.

While a pessimist may view the tour as having bands that can’t pack arenas, others might think the Sevendust tour is the underbelly of quality modern rock. In any case, the show starts at 6:30 p.m. and tickets are $25.

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