Married … With Children DVD not worth pricetag

Before The Simpsons captured America’s attention, the Bundys had the country in stitches with their unique look at family life. When Married … With Children debuted in 1987, it was something completely different from a TV market overrun of squeaky-clean family sitcoms. From the late 1980s through the mid 1990s, Married … With Children was the centerpiece of FOX’s assault on good taste, and now, Al, Peg, Kelly and Bud are back on DVD due to overwhelmingly popular demand.

The Bundys may be back, but “The Most Outrageous Episodes” Volume 1 and 2, have little to offer the show’s hardcore fan base besides the inclusion of a single, lost episode.

For those not familiar with the show, it is described as either Full House without all the family togetherness or a three-dimensional version of The Simpsons with a more realistic approach to comedy.

The downside of these DVDs is they are nothing more than a compilation of episodes from various seasons. They lack extras, interviews or commentaries, as well as the obligatory chapter selections.

If you’re an optimist and want to see the cup as half full, then Vol. 1 does offer “I’ll See You In Court,” aka the lost episode. The episode, in which Al and Peggy sue the Hop On Inn for invasion of privacy (the motel taped the Bundys and Steve and Marcy having sex on separate occasions), was deemed too raunchy for TV.

Besides that, you’re pretty much left with a collection worth downloading, but since it lacks in the extras department, it isn’t worth the $14.95 price tag for each volume.

Hard-core fans might want to hold out until Fox comes to its senses and releases a more dignified and more appealingly packaged complete season.

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