Inflatable sound and privacy protection

Hot Air Blue

The quality of a three-piece sound system is now available in portable form.

Hot Air Blue, from Ellula Sounds, allows listeners to connect their PCs or portable music devices to an inflatable set of speakers.

The set is designed to be powered by either an AC power adapter or six AA batteries.

With the batteries, the device is able to function anywhere the listener wants. A standard headphone jack connects the pair of speakers to musical devices.

Featuring a collapsible design, the unit is easily transportable.

Ellula Sounds offers the speakers in green and blue for the Hot Air series but also sells another set shaped in the form of two Budweiser cans.

Each of the products comes with an amplifier, battery pack and power adapter.

The Hot Air Blue speakers retail for $39.99.

Gustavo Hernandez


Marketers and advertisers have long searched for a means to conduct research or pay for the cost of their services.

This need was fulfilled through the use of adware and spyware that silently clog computers and slow performance.

Ad-Aware, by Lavasoft, clears spying and advertisement programs that computer users may not have known were on their hard drives.

These programs sometimes act as silent collectors of information about Web sites visited or could pelt the user with a barrage of pop ups.

Conducting a scan of the computer’s registry, where programs enter information when they are installed, Ad-Aware removes entries to clear the user’s system of spyware and adware.

The program is free to download from Lavasoft’s Web site.

Gustavo Hernandez