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Letters to the Editor 4/8

Opinion attacks commander, troops

Anthony Schmidt’s letter in Thursday’s Oracle (“Anti-war doesn’t mean anti-American”) was unpatriotic, unfounded and ignorant. While being anti-war may not necessarily constitute being un-American. Schmidt’s comments certainly were.

To quote Schmidt, “a true American would stand up against the injustices his country is about to commit, an action that would make our revolutionary forefathers proud.” This could not be any further from the truth.

I must ask Mr. Schmidt which end of his body he would like to have inserted first into Saddam Hussein’s infamous human shredder. Our forefathers would be ashamed if the American people allowed these atrocities to continue without intervention on our part, not proud that we would be standing up to “injustices” committed by the U.S. military.

It is infuriating that in this time of necessary patriotism and pride, he would attack not only our commander in chief but also our troops. He calls President George W. Bush “un-elected” and “un-American.” Did I miss something, or is this country no longer run as a democracy?

Um, hello. Were President Bush not elected, he would not currently be in office. Were he un-American, he would not have been able to run for office in the first place. While it was popular at the time to poke fun at the circumstances surrounding the election of Bush “Jr.,” it has been three years of difficult decisions, disasters and really, really good leadership. President Bush has earned his right to be called the President of the United States of America, by trial, if not by “election.”

Mr. Schmidt continues to say, “We don’t have to agree with our government or support our troops to be American or even to be patriotic.” Sorry, Schmidt, wrong again. Our troops are fighting a war so that people like him can have these opinions without being killed for them.

To not support our troops is blasphemous not to mention “un-American.” Military people are the marrow of this country, the men and women who are willing to die in the name of American liberty and justice for all, and Mr. Schmidt is arguing that not supporting them is not un-American? Give me a break. Stop wasting time arguing with your country and face the real enemy: terrorist nations that are a threat to Americans and foreigners alike.

Schmidt ends his opinion by stating “Get rid of the war and you get rid of this inevitability.” Please. Get rid of the war and you merely get rid of the war. You keep the human shredder, the weapons of mass destruction, the terrified Iraqi civilians and the threat to human life. Oh, and you still keep the inevitability.

Perhaps he would be better served if he stuck to anthropology or switched his major to ceramics.

Ashley Konrad is a freshman majoring in English and American literature.

War in Iraq deserves to be fought

Sept. 11, 2001 showed America what we are made of. We didn’t know whether to cry, yell, curse or get mad. Our worlds were turned upside down and our hearts were filled with grief and terror.

People came out of the rubble who thought, seconds before, they were going to see their maker. The nation will never forget what happened that day and neither will the world. Ever since then, there was talk about a war. It was fine, great, let’s get those guys. But in actuality, some were saying it’s alright, we forgive you, don’t go to war.

You couldn’t turn your head without seeing red, white and blue. Many strangers came together on Sept. 11. People stood in lines miles long to give blood, to give clothes and to just give comfort. Tears didn’t stop flowing until just recently.

My friends are in Iraq fighting for you, who sleep so comfortably in your beds at night. It’s hard. You sit at home not knowing what’s happening to them because you’re not family by blood, but you know you would do anything for them, just like family.

I’m not against this war because I know why we are fighting it. Saddam is a threat, and he refused to do what we asked. It’s as simple as that.

Lord only knows what is going on in that man’s mind and to just sit back and let Sept. 11 happen all over again would be dumb.

I don’t appreciate being called a liar because I support this war. I know I’m not the only person who thinks that either. I don’t have to fight this war to support it. People signed up to do that. I didn’t.

I spent my time in the military. My parents were in the Navy. I know what those families are going through. I was in their shoes during the Gulf War. My father fought in both the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. It’s pure hell to have to sit and wait.

Before you speak, please think about what you are saying first. War is a touchy subject, and to ignite one on our own soil against each other, no less, would be wrong.

Sara McCabe is majoringin English education.