Candidates may enter runoff

The results are in for student body presidential election. The unofficial results, that is. Due to a close gap between the Omar Khan/ Ryan Morris ticket and the Mike Berman/ Ronda Bostick ticket, official results will be released today to determine if a runoff is necessary. Though more students attended the polls this year compared to last year’s numbers of 1,679, only 1,831 students cast their votes.

Khan and Morris obtained the majority of those votes, accounting for 905 votes or 49 percent of the voters.

“I’m very happy with today’s results because by showing that we got the majority, we showed we were able to expose what was wrong,” Khan said. “We were able to bring out change.”

Khan said his main goal for running was to uncover the issues at USF.

“I wanted to expose what I feel is wrong with the university,” Khan said.

Khan said he is prepared for the possibility of a runoff and looks forward to the prospect of another election.

If a runoff is necessary, students will have the opportunity to vote next Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. –7 p.m., and the results will be announced next Thursday night.

“I am ready to take on the opportunity to go for another week to try to win this election as student body president,” Khan said. “And I feel privileged that I am in this runoff and that I have the opportunity to serve all the students of the University of South Florida.”

Coming in a close second for the runoff are Berman and Bostick. Berman and Bostick received 741 votes, which represents 40 percent of the students who voted. Berman said he was disappointed with the unofficial results and that they were down by 164 votes.

“This is a call out to the entire university community, the Greek community, anybody who is involved with student leadership on this campus,” Berman said.

“We are the ticket that knows the issues, we understand the system.”

Berman said Khan and Morris lack knowledge in Student Government.

“We’re looking at two opponents that have no experience in Student Government,” Berman said. “The Berman and Bostick campaign know the issues much better than the Omar and Ryan campaign.”

Khan said he met a lot of goals throughout his campaign.

“With my campaign, I pretty much wanted to bring awareness to problems this university has faced, to bring a voice back to this university,” Khan said.

If there is a runoff, both tickets will have until next Wednesday to campaign again and try to regain more votes.

“I’m going to try to expose the issues, and I also want more student involvement,” Khan said.

Khan said that he, along with Morris, would go to any student organization or club and anyone who will hear them in order to spread the word about their campaign.

“I’m going to try to bring the votes, I will make my voice be heard,” Khan said.

Berman said that he and Bostick will take a new approach to gain more votes.

“We’re in the process of strategizing right now on what we’re going to do next week,” Berman said.

The unofficial results for the Student Government Election are as follows: the R. Chase Razabdouski and Jorge Rodriguez ticket got 42 votes, the Omar Khan and Ryan ticket got 905 votes, the Bijal Chhadva and Candice Wild ticket got 143 votes, and the Michael Berman and Ronda Bostick ticket got 741 votes.