SG announces support for U.S. military

The USF Student Government Senate passed a resolution Tuesday night stating that the student body supports the coalition troops in Iraq.

Robert Herron, SG senator and one of the authors of the resolution, said he wanted to be able to express its thanks and support for the troops.

“It’s a morale lifter,” Herron said.

To further show support, ROTC and Lambda Eplison, an honor service fraternity, will help the SG Senate organize care packages for the troops, Herron said.

“It will be good for them (troops) to know that they are supported,” he said.

A proposal for a solution six was approved with 39 votes and three abstentions after debating for more than an hour at the March 25 meeting.

Monica Ruggley, a worker at Centre Gallery, said she wanted to help pass the resolution because she has friends who are in the Middle East.

“I brought in pictures to help show (senators) that our troops need support,” Ruggley said.

Stefanie Green