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Lifelong flashlight and portable lie detection

Forever Flashlight

With all the problems to worry about in this world, the life of the batteries in a flashlight should not be one of them.

The Forever Flashlight introduces technology that allows users to power a flashlight without using batteries.

A capacitor provides the power for the device, storing the charge necessary for operation.

A light shake for 30 seconds stores enough energy in the capacitor for five minutes of light. During prolonged use, the device can be shaken for 10 to 15 seconds every two or three minutes.

Selecting a storage location is simple because the gadget does not require any maintenance and can therefore be placed in a car without the owner having to worry about the batteries running low.

The micro-sized flashlight retails for $29.99 and the regular size for $39.99.

Gustavo Hernandez

Handy Truster

Knowing whether someone is telling the truth can be a difficult task.

However, 911 Tech Corporation’s Handy Truster handheld lie detector can help determine whether an individual’s statement is true or false.

To accomplish this feat, the gadget utilizes voice recognition to determine stress, tension and excitement in a person’s voice.

The company has measured the accuracy rate at 85 percent.

To operate, the subject is asked to speak normally and casually for 10 seconds to calibrate the machine to their voice patterns.

When asked yes or no questions, the device analyzes voice patterns and displays nine levels of truthfulness ranging from truth to false statement.

An adapter is also included for connectivity to cell phones.

The Handy Truster can be found on the 911 Tech Corporation’s Web site for $35.

Gustavo Hernandez