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Vote for student body president

While at times it may seem students’ voices aren’t heard and their opinions don’t matter, voting in the Student Government elections can help ensure that a qualified candidate is chosen.

Last year 1,679 students voted. That number was down from the 1,963 students who voted in 2001. On a campus with more than 30,000 students, that is hardly representative.

Current student body President Mike Griffin has been criticized for supporting a raise in tuition to pay for the Phyllis P. Marshall Center renovations while opposing a raise in tuition to pay for better parking. However, students shouldn’t complain. They elected Griffin. On Wednesday and Thursday, students have their chance to elect a new leader.

Students can take this opportunity to be involved in making changes on campus. Instead of complaining about campus problems, students can cast a vote to elect the person who addresses what they want.

To do this, students must look beyond the flashy advertising some candidates have placed around campus. Instead, students need to become informed on what the candidate’s plans are, and then select the one who has plans for the problems they want changed.

The candidates are talking about issues ranging from tuition increases to parking to campus security.

By becoming an informed voter, students can choose to vote for the person they would most like to see making decisions for them.

This is the most influence students can have in making decisions for the university.

At the least, each student can take the time to vote. The next student body president will be the most recognized advocate for student concerns on campus, especially since he will hold a seat on the Board of Trustees.

Go out, get informed, vote, encourage other people to vote and hope the right person is elected. The more informed the voters are, the more likely it is the best person will be elected.