Windows toys and a car UV blocker

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

A set of utilities created by the Windows XP design team allows PC users to further customize their operating system through multiple small, yet versatile, programs.

Microsoft’s PowerToys offer a variety of upgrades to the normal functions of Windows XP, such as the addition of graphing functions to the standard Windows calculator.

Though there are many improvements throughout the Toys, the most useful utility of the bunch is Tweak UI. This program allows for the customization of Windows through features previously locked out when it was shipped.

Some of Tweak UI’s features include the ability to add custom backgrounds to Internet Explorer and the ability to select which items are present in the start menu.

The PowerToys for Windows XP are free to download from Microsoft’s Web site.

Gustavo Hernandez

Adjustable Optical Car Sun Visor

Traditional car visors can leave drivers with a lot to be desired when it comes to blocking out the sun’s harmful rays.

However, the Adjustable Optical Car Sun Visor blocks damaging UV rays and sudden reflective glares, without blocking the drivers line of sight.

The visor creates a semi-transparent layer on its surface that eliminates the need for sunglasses while driving.

An adjustable dial located on the bottom of the visor allows drivers to select the amount of ultraviolet protection needed.

Settings for the device range from light gray for cloudy days to dark for bright, sunny conditions.

A Velcro strap fastens it to a standard visor and a swivel base that adjusts the lens.

The Adjustable Optical Car Sun Visor retails for $

Gustavo Hernandez