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‘Ringu’ looks cheap, but still entertains

The Ring, the best horror film of 2002 has been the talk of America. Too bad this piece of artistic and horrific genius is a graphically enhanced rip-off of the Japanese film, Ringu. Yes, just like some good cars, TVs, watches, and game systems, The Ring is “Made In Japan.”

The plot, characters and essentially every other aspect of The Ring is a replica of Ringu. Almost every scene in Ringu is duplicated in The Ring and enhanced with graphic images and special effects. This is the only part where Ringu lacks substance.

One of the freakiest parts of the American movie is seeing the gangrene-contorted after-effect of someone who watched the tape.

But in Ringu, the only scary image is a two-second still picture of a shocked face that can be created by making a shouting expression.

Besides the lack of visual effects, a lot of the movie remains similar to the original. For example, the woman in the tape has the power of prediction that passes down a power to will the dead to her daughter.

In Ringu, the scenes are less gloomy, the images are not as graphic, the music is not as spooky and the tape is not as freaky, but still remains entertaining.

Despite the lack of perks, if it wasn’t for the genius idea and creativity of Ringu, there would be no great horror film called The Ring.

Therefore, Ringu deserves most of the credit that The Ring is receiving.

Maybe both The Ring and Ringu won’t leave the viewer’s face gangrene-contorted seven days after watching them but one thing is for sure. Seven days after watching either movie, the viewer will be leaving the nightlight on while envisioning a little brunette girl climbing out of a well.

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