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Fun 2 Drive Ratio

In 2002, Infiniti introduced the G35 sedan, a viable BMW 3-series fighter; later on, it introduced the G35 coupe, a 3-series coupe fighter, and the M45, a strong 5-series fighter. For 2003, Infiniti introduced the FX45 sport “euphoria” vehicle, a futuristic technological tour-de-force that will cause anyone to want to stare, aimed squarely at the BMW X5.

With the introduction of the FX45, Infiniti is sending a clear, unmistakable message to BMW. Traditionally, Infiniti has challenged Lexus, its Japanese colleague, but has never been successful. So it decided to take on another competitor, this time from Bavaria. It is common knowledge in the automotive realm that anyone wanting to challenge BMW must be serious and competitive; BMW is not an easy company to rival. But so far, Infiniti has done an outstanding job, especially now with the introduction of its new sports “euphoria” vehicle.

The first thing drivers will notice about the FX45 is its distinctive shape, as it delivers aesthetic pleasures. The FX45 is the result of a design study using animals, in this case a cheetah, hence the industry nickname “bionic cheetah.” It is futuristic but very artistic, resembling a form that is very Japanese indeed. The interior is quite nice, but not overly attractive. It does give the driver a commanding view of the road, plus it has nice features such as the instrument cluster that moves with the steering column so it is never obstructed. The steering wheel is small in diameter, giving the vehicle a small overall feel while driving. The front seats look like they came out of a high-end furniture store.

There are many features packed into the FX45 that let you know it is expensive, such as the remote engine start that is incorporated into the key, the seven-inch color screen navigation, the pneumatic trunk lock and the bright and shiny 20-inch chrome wheels, all standard. These are features found in the most expensive Mercedes Benz. There is a lot of space as well.

The FX45 knocks the BMW out in power and in price. The base FX (FX35) packs 280 horses from its V6, surpassing BMW’s X5 3.0i by a whopping 55hp, and yet is $5,000 less than the BMW. The FX45 has 315hp to its name, 25 fewer horses than the high performance X5 4.6is. But consider this: The starting price of the X5 4.6i is $15,000 more than a completely loaded FX45, with identical engine performance. I just found a new truck to lust after!

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