Letters to the Editor 2/25

More accurate reporting needed

I find the story written by Britta Clark on Monday to be insufficient, to say the least. She failed to capture the true essence of what Friedman was saying and, in fact, quoted him out of context on several occasions.

In her article, she stated, “Thomas Friedman said Sunday he was ’52-49′ in favor of a U.S. war with Iraq.”‘ I feel that after reading her article that I must have been at a different speech because nowhere in his speech did he ever advocate war; in fact, he opted for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

He mentioned many criticisms for foreign policies of today and warned of the dangers that are being proceeded with today.

I find her report of this event insufficient and misleading in many aspects and, in the future, I would hope that The Oracle would adhere to better reporting standards.

Aria Rowland is a senior majoring in political science.