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Independent Theory

With Juliana Theory’s indie upbringing and its loyal, underground fanbase, this quartet from Latrobe, Penn., is improving musically, vocally and corporately.

Juliana Theory, which started in 1997 as a side project, released two full-length albums while previously signed on the Seattle-based independent label, Tooth and Nail Records. After releasing an EP on Tooth and Nail, Juliana Theory released Love on Epic Records in 2002.

Musically, Juliana Theory has changed its sound from record to record, being influenced by such musical chameleons as U2 and the Smashing Pumpkins.

The final track of Love not only connects the underlying feeling throughout the album, but also reflects truly what the band is musically about: combining piano, vocal harmonies and simply rocking out on its instruments.

Another change that can be seen in Juliana Theory’s career is the improvement of Brett Deter’s (vocalist/guitarist) singing. With the aid of Jerry Harrison (Live, No Doubt), who produced the record, Harrison taught Deter to focus on the emotions behind the music.

Although Love is not considered a concept album by band members, the concept of love connects each song on the album lyrically.

The band considers the album more like a collection of songs with a common string that connects them, including “Into the Dark,” which was previously released on Tooth and Nail and now re-recorded. One thing that definitely allows Love to stick out beyond Juliana Theory’s previous releases is the live concert sound that Love strongly represents.

Juliana Theory is currently on the road with SoCal rockers Something Corporate.

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