Fun 2 Drive Ratio

In today’s overpopulated world of SUVs and companies such as Toyota, who currently manufacture six different SUVs, why would anyone want to join in with intents to make a profit? Well, Volvo did, and claimed two awards in the process: Motor Trend SUV of the Year and North American Truck of the Year, both for 2003.

I am not surprised, considering Volvo’s world image of safety, but what makes the XC90 so different from all other SUVs out there? For starters, the XC90 is the only SUV available with RSC (roll stability control) system, which prevents the truck from flipping over. The RSC incorporates a gyroscopic sensor in the chassis that continuously monitors roll angle and rate, and then it activates a number stability control system to prevent an otherwise possible roll over. Another unique feature is the fact that the XC90 is over 85 percent recyclable and its radiator converts harmful ground level ozone into oxygen as you drive along. Not to mention it is the only premium SUV that is classified as a ULEV (ultra low emission vehicle). These are just a few examples out of seven unique features and five world firsts.

This is truly an amazing SUV, certainly the most environmentally conscious and the most occupant friendly available today. The interior is very light and airy and the quality of materials are top notch, featuring all the expected amenities. It is quite luxurious but not gaudy; it is very refined and elegant, featuring world renowned, “Swedish furniture” seats, that are firm but comfy and supportive. These seats, albeit co-developed with the other Swedish guy, SAAB, are the best in the industry. It has more cargo room than any other SUV in its class, and it can seat seven passengers. There are two available engines: a 2.5L light pressure turbo 5 -cylinder producing 208hp, and a 2.9L twin turbo 6-cylinder producing 268hp.

I like the XC90, not for status or appearance, but because it is very conscious of the world we live in. Prices start at $34,000 for the base without AWD and tops out at less than $44,000 completely loaded.

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