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Back to business

South Florida baseball will resume its season Saturday after seven days of inactivity.

During that time, the Bulls have become anxious for their home opener. There will not be a break that long for the remainder of the season.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s home or away, but the first game of a series is always very important, and this is a three-game series,” USF coach Eddie Cardieri said.

Last year, the Bulls opened the season 0-3, dropping the first two games at home. However, last year’s home-opening losses are the farthest thing from Cardieri’s mind.

“I didn’t even know that, to tell you the truth, and I don’t think our players necessarily did either,” Cardieri said. “Every ballgame, we just want to go out and play a good game of baseball. It doesn’t matter where we’re playing or who we’re playing, we just want to play well.”

Pitcher John Uhl was scheduled to participate last Sunday against Stetson, but due to a rain cancellation he’s still waiting for his first a game this season. Uhl will not have to wait long to get on the field as he is scheduled to play the first game of the weekend.

“He is chomping at the bit, ready to get out there,” Cardieri said.

Senior David Austen, the starting pitcher on Sunday against the Hatters, had six strikeouts and only allowed two earned runs in 4 1/3 innings. It is probable that Tuesday’s starter will be junior Travis Rios.

USF played Jacksonville the same time last year, winning two on the road and then coming back to lose the last game in the series in extra innings.

Cardieri said there have been some changes in Jacksonville, but it is still a respected and difficult team to play.

“I think they have a lot of new personnel, but you know, they’re Jacksonville and they’re always good,” Cardieri said. “All the teams in the state, we all play each other and everybody is pretty good, so it should be a great series.”

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