Rainout throws the Bulls’ rotation out of whack

A steady downpour stopped the USF baseball team from finishing the Stetson Invitational in Deland Sunday. After beating Oklahoma State 4-3 and losing to the Florida A&M Rattlers 16-9, a rain delay led to a cancellation, stopping the Bulls and the Stetson Hatters from playing the final game.

“We would have liked to play on Sunday, but you can’t control it,” USF coach Eddie Cardieri said.

Cardieri was disappointed that his team could not play Sunday, but insisted that there was no use in mulling over the situation, saying that he and his team had no control over it.

Even though it was out of the Bulls’ hands, some negative effects came from the cancellation of the game. According to Cardieri, the biggest disadvantage to not playing Sunday was the fact that they lost Saturday and were looking forward to coming back from the defeat but never got the opportunity. Cardieri is a little frustrated that they had to wait a week to get back into competition. Another downside of the canceled game was that the pitching rotation was disrupted.

“Being rained out Sunday lost (Jon) Uhl a turn,” Cardieri said.

Uhl is the Bulls’ top pitcher and did not get a chance to play due to the weather, but Uhl will not have to wait until May 3 when the Bulls make up the game against Stetson.

The Bulls have their first home game this Saturday against Jacksonville. USF beat the Dolphins twice last year and only lost to them once, 7-6 in the 10th inning. The action starts at 1 p.m. on Red McEwen field. The Bulls play the Dolphins again Sunday and then travel to Jacksonville to play Tuesday.