Group makes plans to explore life-like Earth on other planets

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001 many people have harbored feelings of uncertainty regarding the state of the human race. To this day, many of us question the threat of terrorism. Is terrorism merely a trend that will disappear in a few years? Or is it something we should truly worry about?

Eric Klien, founder of the Lifeboat Foundation, said he thinks the threat of terrorism will only increase in coming years. The Lifeboat Foundation is a technological research project still in an experimental phase. Klien says his ultimate goal is to find a way to transport “safe” individuals from Earth to other planets in the next few years.

“Each passenger will undergo an intense screening process before being allowed to board,” Klien said. In other words, terrorists and killers will not be invited to join the group.

According to the group, transportation will be accomplished through the development of space vehicles, otherwise known as “Arks.” Each Ark is expected to house 1,000 residents and 500 guests. These Arks will allow stable colonies to be established one at a time, so that humanity might be saved.

Once established, each colony will have the freedom to make its own laws. Those citizens with access to “dangerous technologies” will undergo psychological testing to ensure the safety of the new colony.

“It was predicted that in as little as three more years, terrorists will unleash dangerous bio-weapons on the public,” Klien said.

He says take-off doesn’t seem feasible until at least 2020, so it will certainly be a close call.

The Foundation’s Web site,, offers a detailed timeline of events to come in the next few years.

University Wire