Board of Governors to begin its reign

A new era in university governance is scheduled to begin Tuesday afternoon, and those who will have their fingers on the buttons of Florida universities have been named.

In accordance with Amendment 11, put into effect by Florida voters Nov. 5, the state has created a 17-member Board of Governors. The new Board will oversee higher education in general and will appoint boards of trustees to handle each university. Those appointments will be made at the first BOG meeting Tuesday.

As required by Amendment 11, three of the governors are the sitting Commissioner of Education, Chair of the Advisory Council of Faculty Senates and the President of the Florida Student Association. The remaining 14 members are appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush.

Bush made his selections in mid-December. Since that time, his choices have endured many of the same criticisms that have haunted the USF Board of Trustees since its inception in 2001. Critics have claimed that the governors are made up largely of Bush’s Republican supporters and businessmen, instead of academics. Supporters point out that there is BOT, experience in the governors.

All appointees were forced to give up any trustee positions they might hold.

Here is a quick look at who has been appointed to the first Florida Board of Governors: