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Spies like the U.S.

Read Michael Ventura’s “Letters at 3 a.m.” in this week’s Austin Chronicle, then read this editorial. (You can find it at

Total Information Awareness is in effect. We are all under arrest. We have the right to remain silent … and that’s about it. Any e-mails we send, any credit card purchases we make and any library books we check out can be used against us. We have the right to an attorney, but no lawyer-client privilege.

We are guilty until proved otherwise, and even that can’t stop the paper trail from inconveniencing us at every turn. Try taking a flight if you’re a known protester. Try getting a cop to tell you what those random checkpoints are for.

Spying on Americans won’t safeguard our country any more than a missile defense shield would stop planes from crashing into skyscrapers. It’s a lie. Don’t swallow it. Refuse. Resist. Protest. Find others who believe in what this country was founded upon, and take it back from opportunists like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft.

Stop following the herd. Turn off the network news, which hasn’t even covered this topic. Inform yourself with news from the Austin Chronicle, the Guardian UK, the American Civil Liberties Union and other alternative sources.

The extreme right has become mainstream political thought, or what passes for thought. Do not heed crybabies who complain about “liberal media.” If the media were anything more than a money machine, Fox News wouldn’t be on the air, and Rush Limbaugh would be doing dirty favors for doughnuts.

We have impeached presidents for less than this.

University Wire — Southwest Texas State University