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Letters to the Editor 12/4

Liberal media shouldn’t be a surprise

Of course the media are liberal. Freedom of Speech? Freedom of the Press? Do you honestly think that the right- wingers want that? Of course not.

Since Bush was elected, and especially since the events of Sept. 11, 2001, our First Amendment freedoms have been infringed upon. No longer are we able to freely voice our negative opinions about our government.

Not long ago, I made the comment that quite possibly some of the tragic events we have endured recently would not have occurred had Bush not been elected. In turn, an extremely conservative right- winger labeled me a “terrorism supporter.”

Terrorism affects us all, regardless of political party, and just because I may not agree with the way our “leader” is attempting to solve the world’s problems does not make me a terrorist.

Regarding the topic of the Bush children vs. Gore’s son, do you not recall the pictures covering the front pages of our newspapers, on more than one occasion, of “Drunken Bush twins,” or “Twin’s attempt to buy alcohol underage?”

What about the numerous times Noelle Bush has been in and out of rehab and getting caught abusing substances while in rehab?

While I do not condone the actions of Albert Gore III, I can say that the Bush twins seem to take after their father in his younger years. It all comes down to the way these “first families” raise their children — Dubya and his little brother, two men who claim to have the best “fixes” for our children, should first try to “fix” their own children.

Perhaps the next time you write a letter to the editor, you will get your facts straight.

Since 1989, Enron has donated $5.8 million to political campaigns, 73 percent to Republicans and 27 percent to Democrats. Texans were by far the biggest Enron recipients, and Republicans received more than Democrats did, according to the Associated Press. That is hardly “just as much.”

Katie Merritt is a junior majoring in public and cultural communications.

USF’s lack of concern is disturbing

I wrote to The Oracle Nov. 21 explaining the problems with registering for classes in the department of computer science and engineering.

I, along with some other students from the department, have now gathered 107 signatures from the frustrated students of the department and yesterday turned them over to President Judy Genshaft.

The ball is now in her court, and what actions she will take next will play a very important role for the students in the department of computer science and engineering.

The fact that USF is failing to resolve registration problems in our department can and must be addressed. Hopefully, these signatures will prove that this problem is not related to only one student but many.

If USF is not willing to fix this critical dilemma, then students may begin looking for other schools to attend that offer the classes they need.

Max Karapetian is a senior majoring in computer science and engineering.

Author makes both arguments

I’m responding to the opinion written by Isam Sweilem that terrorism is wrong in all forms.

Although I agree that all terrorism is wrong, I believe that your arguments prove that you only condemn attacks that you agree with.

You condemn those who “benefited” from the attack on the World Trade Center, but do you actually condemn the attacks? I think that is what the “countless letters” are referring to.

You condemn the “Russian government’s daily terror against the Chechens” but not the siege of the Moscow theater.

You condemn the “daily terror perpetrated against Palestinians” and the occupation of Palestine by Israel but not the slaughtering of Israelis by terrorists who bomb buses full of children.

You condemn Saddam Hussein but only to slip in your opinion that he is being used to kill thousands of innocent people for benefit.

You condemn the F-16 and Apache helicopters used to “bomb civilians” and terrorize the innocent, but yet again don’t condemn the usage of passenger jets to ram into buildings.

So Isam, what do you condemn? When those countless letters come in asking to condemn attacks of terrorism, it means all terrorism, not just the terrorism that you don’t agree with.

As a loyal American, I condemn all terrorism and those who are too blind to see it.

Mark Laps is a senior majoring in electrical engineering.