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Spend money on gifts, charity

The Thanksgiving holiday has come and passed, and with it comes the busiest retail period of the year.

During this time, many retailers make most of their profit for the year. So, we want to encourage our fellow students to get out and spend as much as possible this holiday season to contribute to a slumping economy.

There are some encouraging signs the economy is improving, as many of you may have seen on the news that Wal-Mart had a great opening sales day on Friday. However, many of you may have also noticed, while seeking winter break employment, the economy still needs a bit of a jump start.

That is where we can help, a little.

During poor economic times, many people’s urge is to hold back and not spend anything. While we don’t think you should buy stuff until you reach poverty, every little bit helps.

So, maybe if many of us can add just a couple more bucks to our holiday spending limit, we can add just a little more spark to our economy.

Also, we at the Rocky Mountain Collegian encourage each of you to give a little to those less fortunate, if you can. A bad economy is that much harder on those with less than us because people do hold back on giving to charity when things are hard.

And while it is great to help others, take care of yourself, have a great holiday season and good luck during finals and the last two weeks of classes.

Rocky Mountain Collegian –University Wire