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Eminem isn’t ‘man of the year’ material

Of all the controversy Eminem has created in his career, Rolling Stone determined that his most “ignorant and demented” actions came this year. However, he still earned a selection as one of the publication’s top People of the Year.

Furthermore, of all the artists Rolling Stone had to choose from this year, it selected Eminem.

The celebrity who was once just a kid from Detroit trying to make his way can now turn his ego up another notch because he will believe his song “Without Me” must be true and the world really can’t live without him.

Rolling Stone also praised his ability to comment on artists in the pop industry. It is understandable that Eminem receives honorable recognition for the complexity in his lyrical compositions.

But how much longer can this singer/songwriter, and now actor, continue to build on his talent? It seems Eminem is satisfied with his success for now because he is comfortable, which in the future could limit his ability to reinvent his music.

Rolling Stone‘s People of the Year should be artists in the music industry who make a breakthrough in their career, not someone who is continuing the same hopeless act of a struggling white man.

Some could call his latest movie 8 Mile a breakthrough in his career, and maybe it is since he crossed over into Hollywood. But the problem with the storyline is that it is all too familiar to the real Eminem. If Eminem played the role of someone who has a personality completely opposite of his, then he would deserve the recognition he has already been given.