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Mayoral candidate visits USF classroom

Candidate for Tampa mayor Frank Sanchez made a stop at USF Tuesday.

Sanchez, a guest in Loyd Pettegrew’s Influencing Public Opinions class, spoke to 25 USF students.

Pettegrew said Sanchez is influencing public opinion by getting people to vote for him.

Sanchez said that, if elected, he is prepared to create new jobs, fight crime and empower neighborhoods.

“East Tampa is loaded with drug dealers,” Sanchez said. “I want to remove the drugs and help the black businesses flourish.”

Additionally, Sanchez wants the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center to be the most attractive place in the city.

“I think the arts (are) the soul of the city,” he said.

Although Sanchez was born and raised in Tampa, he said he is new to the political scene. His campaigning plan includes appearing on television and radio and making personal visits. However, he does not want to compare campaign ads.

“It is not necessary to trash my opponents, and it’s not good for the process either,” Sanchez said. “If my opponents agree, I would be willing to sign a pledge to not do comparative ads.”

Kristy Jefferson liked what Sanchez had to say.

“I definitely think Sanchez would be an effective mayor,” she said. “He’s down to earth, he tells it like it is and his life story is very interesting to me.”

Sanchez thinks he can advance the stature of Tampa if elected.

“People want a trustworthy and likable mayor to move the city forward,” Sanchez said. “I am determined to make this city of the same caliber (as) the best cities in this world.”