Letters to the Editor 11/20

PETA’s latest protest proves its insanity

After reading about PETA’s latest antics at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York, I have become firmly entrenched in the notion that PETA is our worst domestic terrorism threat.

Don’t get me wrong, I lost all respect for its legitimacy as an organization a long time ago, but this time I feel that its apparently narrow-minded assault on security and civil order has weakened sympathy for its cause and should raise some eyebrows in Washington. PETA should be on the top of the list of “organizations to take down” for the Homeland Security department, not only because of their insanely perverted cause, but because of its potential as a serious terrorist threat to major economic centers dealing with animals. I know all its members did was jump on a catwalk with signs and scream and shout, but its track record is much more sinister and radical.

It has destroyed years of research to save a few mice, harassed celebrities, threatened companies, destroyed property and has staged elaborate, disruptive protests to garner media attention. And for what? Well, here are its goals (stated only the way a terrorist would state them): eliminate the meat industry, abolish the use of fur, stop all hunting, stop all fishing, eliminate animal use in research and entertainment, prevent use of all animal products and end the ownership of animals as pets. Notice the rigid and absolute nature of their goals. It refuses to compromise on these demands. If you do anything that goes against its above-mentioned goals, you should consider PETA your enemy, because it wants to either change your way of life or end your way of life. Now compare what you know about PETA to other terrorist organizations around the world. Strikingly, PETA has a lot in common with these groups and, in my opinion, should be added to the list of terrorist organizations. Most likely, you fall into the category of PETA’s “people on our hit list” because of your lifestyle. Its methods of terror need to be opposed. I hope somebody forms an anti-PETA organization. Maybe we can call it PADATHW, which means People Against Dumb-Ass Tree Hugger Wackjobs. Protest PETA because while these wackjobs want to protect the animals, they definitely do not give a rat’s ass about people. No pun intended.

Reed Holland is a graduate student majoringin environmental and occupational health.

Claim of liberal media is not justified

Hello, again, USF. Here I go. I was reading The Oracle when I came across Mike Laps’ Tuesday letter describing how liberal our nation’s media is. I know everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs, but it still made me laugh (matter of fact, I am still laughing).

I have a few questions for Mr. Laps. First, if our media is so liberal, why have we totally forgotten about Enron? Did you know that only one top executive has been convicted and that is because he confessed? I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know more.

I remember when Bill Clinton got down with his aide, media people are still talking about that but seem to have forgotten about Junior’s friends at Enron.

Second, why hasn’t this band of left-wing reporters who compose our media investigated why Noelle Bush only received 10 days in jail for a stunt that would have landed a regular person, with the same record, in jail for a long time? Again, I don’t know about you, but I’d also like to know more about this.

Third, and finally, if our media is so liberal, why are liberal concerns never addressed, and if they are, they are never investigated further? For example, when is the last time you saw a special investigation into environmental concerns (i.e,. pollution from energy plants or the “so-called” Everglades Restoration Plan)? The truth, Mr. Laps, is that if we had a liberal media, things would be different. Then maybe you would have some examples to back up your claims. Have a great day.

P.S. Also, I just find it kind of weird how one of the nation’s biggest media sources, FOX News, is run by Junior’s cousin.

Jim Thomas is a senior majoring in environmental science and policy.

Proof for evolution can be found in space

I address this to Starline Mathurin, who is in favor of the creation theory over evolution.

You said there is ” … No explanation to how the first living creature came to existence.” If you check out NASA, or more specifically, go to http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/news/releases/2002/H02-150.html, you will see very much proof of life traveling throughout the universe in the form of bacteria. Mars has the best conditions for ancient life and may have shed its life onto us. Just because the theory of evolution is not quite up-to-date does not make it wrong. So, if that was your biggest hole in the evolutionary theory, and your best evidence in support of the creation theory, I would suggest you dig a little deeper.

Eric Scott is majoring in business.

New laws redefine protection, freedom

A few months back, Saturday Night Live did a skit in which George “Duuuuu … bya” Bush (played by Will Ferrell) was ripping off the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck” bit, by saying “You might be a terrorist.”

If you saw it, it was hilarious. “You might be a terrorist if the return address on your mail says a cave in Afghanistan.” Stuff like that.

In light of the new powers we Americans have given our unelected officials this week (formerly illegal wire tapping, searches and seizures and government invasion of privacy) and in remembrance of some of the freedoms we all lost this week, here are a couple more: You might be a terrorist if you value freedom over safety; most of the people you voted for in the recent election lost; you find it ironic that conservatives would value “less government” while creating new cabinet-level bureaucracies; you want less government control of individual rights; you don’t agree with the majority; you see humor in people calling the media “liberal” when it is owned by major corporations (Microsoft/NBC, Disney/ABC, Time Warner/CNN, etc.); you don’t own a gun; you believe people who are arrested should have the right to an attorney; you don’t want John Ashcroft reading your e-mail; you believe Americans have the right to protest; the term “God Bless America” irks you; you don’t shop at Wal-Mart; you believe in “innocent until proven guilty;” you can’t tell the difference between conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans, or you think for yourself.

You might be a terrorist for reading this letter.

Stephen C. Bedell is a sophomore majoring in political science.