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Cards do not honor victims

The legacy of Sept. 11, 2001 is never-ending. For the families of the victims, and the men and women currently serving in the Middle East, the tragedy of that day is unceasing. For Americans who were touched by that day, the images will never be erased from their memories.

Now, to make sure the children of the United States learn how to sensationalize a tragedy, Chestnut Publications of Florida is marketing trading cards depicting “Heroes of the World Trade Center.”

While the cards have not yet hit retailers, the very idea of it is disgusting, and all attempts to sell these cards should be blocked.

Children have already been affected by the Sept. 11 attacks. Now exposing them to cards depicting the victims, rescue workers, volunteers and other prominent figures fuels the fear caused by Osama bin Laden and proves the far-reaching effects of that day.

Can anyone picture a child standing on the playground, saying a little prayer before he or she opens a fresh pack of “Heroes” trading cards?

“Please let me get a Todd Beamer.” He or she rips the package apart in anticipation and leafs quickly through the cards.

“Rumsfeld, got it. Bush, got it. Guiliani, got it. Oh man, no Beamer.”

This is not the legacy Americans should want to leave its children.

Sept. 11 will never be forgotten. Perhaps these attempts to burn it into America’s consciousness are really just a blatant attempts to earn quick money, or maybe they are just ways to drum up support for an unpopular war.

Either way, the victims of the attacks should not have to suffer more by becoming a fad. And children should not have to suffer the negative effects of America’s marketing juggernaut.