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Letters to the Editor 11/19

American media controlled by left-wing liberals

This is a response to letters written by Tyler Tolbert and Jim Thomas that were published in Thursday’s Oracle. As I read both of your opinions in The Oracle, I realized that you have two things in common. You’re both very liberal and confused.

It seems that you are still upset that the majority of Americans support the possible war in Iraq and that the left-wing, anti-American protests against the war have not worked. If they had, then the recent elections might not have ended up the way they did.

Even some university professors are jumping into the scene and trying to impose their anti-American agenda. These professors need to keep their heads in the classroom and out of the toilet. Yeah, I said it, and I’ll say it again.

America is moving away from the left, and arguments about oil, big corporations and warmongers will not change that. One article wrote that we were being pushed by a one-sided conservative media. When you think that the average news outlet in America is conservative, then you’re so far left you’re falling off the edge. Almost everything we see in today’s news is being pushed by the liberal-controlled media.

Reporters like Bill O’Reilly only pose a threat to those who don’t like the truth. Americans have choked on the liberal Kool-Aid drinkers for too long and the only people you are fooling are yourselves.

Mark Laps is a senior majoring in electrical engineering.

America should beware previous empires’ fates

I am a terrorist. Well, at least according to President George W. Bush who constantly invokes the doctrine of “If you’re not with us, you’re with the enemy.” Because I disagree with war, American foreign and domestic policy, criticize American history for its brutality and hypocrisy, am not fond of “big business,” wish to see peace, freedom, and equality worldwide, and despite the fact that my cultural and political views are devoid of violence, I have been labeled a terrorist.

People forget this country was founded in revolution and on ideas about peace, freedom and equality. These ideas became quickly perverted as these things were left in the hands of people who owed their own peace and freedom to the dominance of others.

People also forget that the largest social changes have come about through national social movements — not governmental elections or ordinances, such as the abolition of slavery, civil rights, women’s rights, the end of the Vietnam War, etc. In their time, the people in these movements were terrorists too, or un-American, treasonous or whatever the popular term may have been. Yet, today, these people are seen as idols. This trend from un-American to historical idol will repeat itself.

The anti-war movement did not die out in the ’70s; it has only been suppressed by things, such as mass media and the high school education system. Anti-war groups, anti-imperialist groups, anarchist groups (which have been around since the dawn of government) and all other groups that people would consider “left wing” are still growing. This is obvious when 200,000 people marched in our nation’s capital, and tens of thousands in cities around the world on Nov. 26. More people are beginning to wake up from their CNN-coated high-school-textbook lives and realizing that their freedom comes as a result of the oppression of others, both historical and contemporary. These peace-loving people who do not believe in American ideology nor that of terrorist violence are still called the enemy. These people will later be called the heroes of the Second American Revolution.

There is a trend in history: All empires fall. It happened in Rome, in Turkey, in the U.S.S.R. and the American empire will follow. The empire will fall, not at the hands of “foreign devils” but by its own people tired of ignorance, brutality and hypocrisy. This is not a threat, it is the foreseeable future.

Anthony Schmidt is a sophomore majoring in anthropology.