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Going once, twice, sold

“I need my wallet. I bought a man.”

It’s not the usual Thursday night comment.

But the words were combined with mixed drinks and a plethora of other such phrases objectifying the male species.

“Ladies, he plays the guitar. He’ll take you home and sing to you at night. We’ll start the bidding at $4.

“Come up and collect your man.”

At Club 1509 in Ybor City, the Ad Club hosted a bachelor auction Thursday. The bidding started at $4.

The bachelors who volunteered their time for the event came from several fraternities. They were given plastic leis and free drink waivers as incentive. Once bought, they took the leis from around their necks and gave it to the purchaser. Some of the bachelors acted bashful, others wiggled their booties at the auctioneers’ request to gain a higher bid.

But somewhere beneath the beer and bravado was a good cause. The Ad Club was raising money for the Florida Prostate Cancer Network, an organization which educates and informs the public about prostate cancer detection, treatment, and support.

Ad Club president Melissa Ullnan played auctioneer at the event.

She said that the Ad Club’s decided to raise money for prostate cancer when the Florida Prostate Cancer Network’s founder sent her an e-mail. He asked the Ad Club to help promote the organization. Ad Club went to work redesigning their brochure, and the Ad Club continues to work on projects for them, Ullnan said.

She said the event isn’t only about fundraising.

“It’s about working together,” Ullnan said.

Ten different student organizations attended the fundraiser, most of them fraternities and sororities.

Two of the bachelors, Duane Spires and friend Robbie Olsen, who were from Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, dressed in nearly matching Brad Pitt-style suits, and were sold as a pair.

The reason Spires said he participated in the event can be summed up as good vibes. He said that because he was participating in the event, it would protect his prostate from cancer in the future.

The girl who bought them was Angela Schulz, paddle number 127.

“It was great. She bought us both,” Spires said.

Ullnan said she estimates the event generated about $400, but she is not sure yet how much will go to the Prostate Cancer Network.