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CD Review – Scarface “The Fix”

The Fix

After two years off, Scarface is back with The Fix, a ghetto-credible masterpiece that embraces street life and maps it out for those who can’t relate. The 13-track disc takes the listener on a journey through the rugged streets of Scarface’s beginnings. On the title track “My Block” and the unforgettable “Guess Who’s Back,” which features Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, ‘Face crafts a vivid world equipped with interlacing lyrics and resounding beats. And, on “In Between Us,” guest rapper Nas evokes a royal clarity that feels no less amazing. (That’s right, Nas and Jay-Z are both on this album.)

The album also contains a balancing R&B element. ‘Face collaborates flavorfully with Kelly Price on the tracks “What Can I Do” and “Heaven” and masterfully marinates “Someday” with Faith Evans, which acts as a looking glass into the spiritual journey ‘Face underwent throughout his life.

Ultimately, this album stands apart and allows ‘Face to use his not-so-extraordinary lyrical abilities to his advantage. The beats, produced mainly by Kanya West and J. Prince, are unpredictable and keep the listener from getting adjusted to a particular style or sound.

‘Face is potently successful in bringing The Fix to life. With the release of his last album, 2000’s ignoble Last of a Dying Breed, many thought that ‘Face was out of the game. Well, let’s just say he’s been “fixed.”

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