Going to class isn’t everything

New data showing that disruptive behavior is rampant in University of Arizona lecture halls reveals a culture of disrespect among students, but there may also be an easy way for some teachers to solve classroom behavior problems.

A recently released survey from the Dean of Students Office found that more than half of instructors in large lecture classes were distracted by students talking in class and arriving late.

Many teachers were also disrupted by students leaving early, sleeping and, yes, even reading the newspaper.

The results certainly aren’t shocking — we’ve all been in boring classes and have probably all been guilty of these offenses. That just proves, though, that a lack of respect for professors is running rampant at UA.

It’s unnecessary, too. We’re in college and few teachers are forcing us to go to class. Rather than showing up, not paying attention and causing a distraction, the option always exists to simply not go.

Absenteeism wasn’t one of the disruptive habits listed on the survey.

Students should go to class. That’s why universities exist. But just showing up isn’t enough. At the very least, people should be able to keep from distracting their classmates and their professors while they pretend to pay attention.

If they can’t, they shouldn’t go.

University Wire — U. of Arizona