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Libraries need cell phone zones

It’s sad when Penn State has to make rules to legislate common sense and courtesy, but with the explosion of cell phones on campus, it seems to be necessary.

The next place on the agenda is Pattee and Paterno libraries.

The Undergraduate Student Government Academic Assembly should be commended for seeking to stem annoying disturbances in areas designed for quiet study. The legislation approved last week would recommend that certain parts of the buildings be cell phone free.

We would go further and suggest that cell phones be banned from all areas of the main libraries, except for the entrance, elevator and circulation lobbies and perhaps the basement lounge of Pattee.

It would be inconvenient to ban phones entirely from a place where many students spend a good chunk of time.

But the library has traditionally been a place on campus to get away from the flood of distractions, whether human or technological.

The University Faculty Senate and library staff should act quickly to agree on new rules, put signs up and get the word out to library patrons.

University Wire — Pennsylvania State University