Letters to the Editor 10/30

Blind Patriotism can cause loss of reason

This is in response to Thomas Felicio’s misguided interpretation of our country that he decided to share with the rest of the university. First and foremost, I think you need to do some research about the differences between a democracy and a dictatorship and decide which you want to be a part of. In a tyrannical government such as the one you feel we should rid the Earth of, people aren’t allowed to “burn the flag” or protest/elect the country’s leaders. These are the very foundations of a democracy. The kind of blind patriotism that you follow is not how this country was founded or how it has progressed. We are asked to choose and challenge our leaders, given the right to speak out in protest of issues we do not agree with and are compelled to do so by the constitution of the United States. Yes, only in America will you see “goof-balls” protesting a war over private interest that will send our peers to die, because we are given the right to do so. Speaking of which, why aren’t you enlisted if you feel so adamantly about taking Hussein out of power? Yes, only in America will you see flags of other countries because we are the melting pot.

Also don’t even begin to compare this war with our interventions in places like Bosnia. First of all, Bill Clinton has been credited with using some of the best international diplomacy of any president, as opposed to our leader today, who just decides for the rest of the world what he thinks is right. When a man like Colin Powell gets heckled and booed at an international summit, there’s a problem with our foreign policies. Involvement in Bosnia and Somalia were not situations that we went into alone; the majority of the world agreed with the United Nations (not only the United States) intervention.

You need to wake up to the fact that this is safeguarding private interest. Why are we more concerned with Iraq developing nuclear weapons than North Korea? Because there isn’t any oil in Southeast Asia.

Another thing you need to come to grips with is the fact that there is no such thing as “inflicting liberal viewpoints.” There is no political left anymore; there is right and there is center. Anyone who’s too liberal is too shaky to vote for.

So, while I’m hugging a tree, why don’t you go shoot a gun, police the world, club a baby seal, kill a stranger and ask a friend or family member to die for our precious oil? You need to wake up, pull that spoon out of your mouth and go take part in the dictatorship you seem to love somewhere else. I say, keep protesting. Let your voices be heard. And, come on, seriously give peace a chance.

Jonathan Blair is a senior majoring in psychology.

Walking Bonds didn’t make or break Series

I’m writing to respond to the comments of Duc Luong printed in Tuesday’s edition of The Oracle.

He basically said that the only reason the Angels won is because they avoided Barry Bonds, walking him anytime he could hurt them. I hate to tell you, but that’s how you play the game. You avoid the players that can beat you and make other players prove that they can beat you.

In case you didn’t notice, the Giants beat a lot of teams during the season, even with Barry Bonds setting records in every category of walks imaginable. The Giants lost because the players around Bonds failed to drive in runs when they were called on to do so. They also lost because the bullpen, while stellar during the regular season, flopped in game six, blowing a five-run lead with eight outs left.

So, to say that the Angels only won because they walked Barry Bonds is ludicrous.

Bill Carlson is a freshman majoring in computer science.

Pest problems do not go unnoticed

I am writing this letter in response to David Chrem’s letter to the editor in Monday’s edition of The Oracle.

The Department of Residence Services takes pest control very seriously and has a standing contract with Centex Pest Control to handle both routine pest control and special requests, as needs arise. Centex has a technician on campus on Mondays and Thursdays to respond to requests.

If a resident has a pest control problem, he or she can report it to his or her complex desk where it will be picked up daily. Work-order request forms are collected from area front desks several times a day by the facilities’ maintenance staff. Bug sprays are not kept at area front desks for fear of inappropriate use. Residents could spray inappropriate amounts of these chemicals within a room, causing harm to the residents or the building. Centex is trained on how to use these products. These experts know how to use chemicals within a room so they will not irritate the skin or cause any other form of discomfort to residents. Additionally, if a room contains insects that are not exterminated effectively by sprays, Centex exterminators know this and will use the bait method instead to ensure the pests are killed. Centex also follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines and does not use sprays that have been deemed harmful or ineffective.

Bugs can appear anywhere but are especially active in areas where food, dirty dishes and trash are not cleaned daily. As such, while one apartment may be very clean, the one above or below can cause a problem for their adjoining neighbors. So, we ask that everyone do their best to keep their rooms clean.

Tom Kane is the director for USF Residence Services.

Darwin gains support in great debate

Adam Fowler should get his facts straight. Creationists have been losing ground to evolutionists for some time now, and creationists have gone from the pure Biblical interpretation to intelligent design just to avoid admitting they’re wrong. If you think the Bible doesn’t mean “day” when it says “day” in the Bible, then one might wonder how the plants, which were created one “day” before the sun, managed to survive such an extended duration.

I suppose it makes perfect sense that tapeworms, fleas, mosquitoes, ebola, AIDS and smallpox were all intended by Mr. Loving and Caring. And the same with the human appendix, which serves no known purpose other than to be a site for infection. These things sound much more like a mix of adaptation and happenstance more than anything else.

The further attack on atheism is only another sign of ignorance.

Atheism refers to the lack of belief in gods, not necessarily the denial of their existence. Even still, there are plenty of other reasons that people deserve rights regardless of religion, as a foray into the works of secular philosophers shows.

Jeff Sowers is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering.