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Fun 2 Drive Ratio

Student Rides: Destini Perkins’ fly yellow dream machine.

You may have seen this screaming yellow German around campus. It certainly caught my attention. It belongs to Destini Perkins, a senior majoring in biology who hopes to go to law school next fall. As the looks suggest, this is no ordinary car. It is an Audi S4, a factory souped-up A4 that produces 250 bph from a 2.7 litre twin-turbo. But Perkins was not satisfied with that, so she added the Audi Performance Racing Stage 2 package. I won’t bore you with the fine details, but let’s just say the car now produces 350 bhp with a 0-to-60 time of about 4.8 seconds. Also included are 18″ two-piece wheels, aluminum foot pedals, rear spoiler, striker pins and more, all by Abt, one of the hottest Audi tuners available today. She also has a “Go Bulls” USF license plate. The picture shown was taken at Sebring, during the Audi Quattro Challenge, more signs that this is a serious machine. So the next time Perkins rumbles by you, don’t mess with her because she may just blow you away.

Most Car for a dollar: 1995-8 Olds Aurora

If you are looking for that special car but only have so much to spend, consider the Aurora. The Aurora has always been one of my favorites, though many people mistakenly consider it a car meant for the elderly. On the contrary, this car is a serious performer. It boasts a gusty 250 bhp V8, all luxurious amenities standard and a pleasing design (looks like a 4-door Toyota Supra from some angles). There is no doubt that this is a luxurious sport sedan that performs quite well. The nicest fact about this car is how affordable it is. I have seen good examples for $6,500 and outstanding ones for $8,000. I would rather drive this than a brand new Daewoo or a used Nissan.

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