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Bush brothers will visit USF campus

As the gubernatorial campaigns continue their final week, incumbent Republican Jeb Bush and challenger Democrat Bill McBride will travel across the state. Along with the candidates will be several family members to help.

This week, President George W. Bush and his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, made their rounds in Florida to help out the governor. Now, Jeb Bush’s two sons will be helping out their dad on their college tour.

George P. Bush and brother Jeb Jr. will be at USF Saturday in the Crossroads cafeteria, said Cristina Warren, co-coordinator for Students of the Jeb Coalition.

The Jeb Coalition, comprised of students from USF, University of Tampa and Hillsborough County College, will help sponsor the event along with the local Bush/Brogan campaign in Temple Terrace.

“It’s a joint effort, and we have been trying to get them for awhile,” Warren said.

Trish O’Connor, volunteer coordinator for the Hillsborough County campaign, said the sons are on a statewide college tour and will participate in a meet-and-greet session that aims to help their dad in the election.

“There has been considerable interest to get them on campus, and they want to help their dad,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor also said the meet-and-greet is a good opportunity for USF and the other colleges to get involved with the election.

“It helps bring interest in politics to the students and it brings the election into the forefront,” she said.

Warren added that event is happening at Crossroads in order to create a more casual, student atmosphere.

“We are just going to hang out with the guys,” Warren said.

George P. Bush and Jeb Jr. will be on campus from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., and people are welcome to come before and eat because lunch will stop being served at 2 p.m.