Letters to the Editor 10/18

USF students not concerned with FSU

I am currently a junior at USF and an avid Bulls fan. It gives me great displeasure to see an opinion column such as the one published by Jessica Higgins on Tuesday. It was written and published in severely bad taste.

Why would she ever write such an article about FSU in the USF student newspaper?

The students here at USF don’t care that FSU lost to Miami once again.

We’d rather hear something about the football team we have here at USF. Yes, Jessica we do have a football team here. Our team actually won our game on Saturday, and it was a hell of a game at that.

I read The Oracle every day and enjoy its content on happenings here at USF. In the future, please don’t include stories of this nature in the USF student-funded newspaper.

If I wanted to read about FSU athletics, I would access their student newspaper. Also, make sure to send Jessica’s timesheet to the FSU student newspaper because the Bulls shouldn’t being paying her wages.

Matt Sufficool is a junior majoring in athletic training.

USF wrong audience for FSU column

As I wake up every morning in my miserably cold Ohio home, I look forward to reading two online publications: The Oracle (opinion and sports sections) and the message board at www.southfloridabulls.com.com.

Tuesday, though, after reading the opinion section, I wanted to start a “Send Jessica Higgins back to FSU” fund.

Knowing full well our university is still trying to develop a grassroots fan base for its athletic teams, Higgins’ sorrowful article about FSU and Xavier Beitia made me want to vomit.

Her loyalty to FSU and The Oracle’s publication of the column is a direct smack in the face to the students of USF and the members of the USF football team.

Jessica, while you were watching your arrogant FSU kicker choking at the last second, you could have been tailgating at Raymond James on the eve of the biggest victory in Bulls’ history, getting ready to watch kicker Santiago Gramatica go 3-for-3.

Instead of talking about has-been Peter Warrick, how about mentioning current star DeAndrew Rubin and the impact he had against Southern Miss?

Chris Weinke … nah, I’ll pass … Marquel Blackwell in a heartbeat. You say Warrick Dunn. If the little guy had half the heart Solomon Burgess has, he’d still be a Buc.

You’re so blinded by past history, Jessica; I really do feel bad for you.

In six years, the program at USF has taken large strides in establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in Florida. Did you realize Dishon Platt, the prize of blue chip high school recruits, will be wearing a Bulls uniform next season? Probably not.

You know what you need to do? Stand outside of Cooper Hall and introduce yourself to Elgin Hicks, Huey Whittaker, Shurron Pierson or Derrick Sarosi. These guys are integral pieces of USF’s future, and they would be more than willing to help convert you to a Bull. You will not find a more personable group on campus.

Heck, when it really boils down to it, maybe you should check out the Student Athletic Association. A newly started organization at USF, it is dedicated to building fan support for our athletic programs. What could be better than free Hooters wings and Papa John’s pizza the night before the men’s basketball game with Coach Seth Greenberg? Or free Domino’s pizza after the women’s game with Coach Jose Fernandez and Jen Kline?

Last I read in your publication Higgins, almost all of USF’s fall teams were off to excellent starts this semester.

Jessica, please speak to Dave Mincberg, Jason Tyrrell, Collin Sherwin or Vicki Mitchell. These are highly accessible individuals on campus that could help you develop the passion for USF that you currently share for FSWho. You’re in a beautiful city currently known as Tampa, yet this same city is metamorphosing into Bull Nation.

Time to catch on.

Terry Lucas is a junior majoring in finance at Wittenberg University in Ohio.

Title of letter was not accurate

This is to clarify that the title of my letter to the editor published Tuesday, was not of my doing.

The Oracle named it “Those who dislike the U.S. should keep it to themselves;” it was created by The Oracle.

I did not submit a title of my own, and I do not consider it a proper title to my letter. The title does not reflect my opinion, nor is it a quote from the text.

Hopefully, you read the article and concluded this on your own.

The title was inaccurate and failed to mention my distinctions between citizens and visitors and assumed I held an opposition to free speech.

I am not opposed to free speech, for citizens or non-citizens. I was simply trying to give a perspective from someone who has visited many countries.

Thomas Zuazo is a senior majoring in business management.