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Letters to the Editor 10/14

USF football deserves more student support

I would just like to say I am extremely proud of our USF football team this season so far. Besides a one-game slip-up against Arkansas, we have outplayed every team we have been matched up against. In my opinion, we should have won the game against No. 2 Oklahoma. A few big penalties plagued us and slowly took us out of the game.

Saturday’s game against Southern Miss was in my opinion the biggest win USF has had at home since its inaugural game back in ’97. We just sent a message to the nation and members of Conference USA that we are a team to be reckoned with.

One thing I am disappointed with, though, is the fans of USF. When you see teams like UF and FSU win big games, what do you see their fans do? They rush the field. On Saturday, I was one of 10 fans to rush the field. After I rushed the field I subsequently tried to take down the goal posts by myself, which is not as easy as it seems. It really does take at least 50 people to tear it down with as much ease as seen by the fans of Notre Dame, Nebraska and Ohio State. I could definitely use a little help next time!

With our football program finally moving to the next level, it is necessary for our fan base to do so as well. We need to pack the stadium every week, wear green and gold and get psyched for our outstanding football team.

Take pride in your university. You may be thinking that we are not UF, FSU or Miami so why should we care? The answer to that question is because we are better than all of them.

I hate UF and orange and blue about as much as I hate bin Laden, and FSU students are just dyslexic, wannabe USF students. But even more important to know is how to get a graduate from the University of Miami off your doorstep. Pay the poor kid for the pizza!

It’s about time we show our sports team we are behind them. Good luck this weekend against ECU, guys. We all believe in your ability to win on the road as well as at home. Show us everything you have, leave it all on the field like you did on Saturday.

Prediction: USF 24, ECU 9.

Joe Nirenberg is a senior majoring in political science

Belafonte’s comments on Powell justified, not out of order

Your editorial seems to place more value on medals than honor. Medals alone do not impress me but what one does.

I think Colin Powell is a good man who has led himself astray. He’s allied with a political party (Republicans) that only pays attention to minorities when it is time to pander for re-election. He’s been appointed to what was once an important post, but George W. Bush pays little attention to the state department, never mind Mr. Powell, no matter how sensible the advice. Powell has allowed himself to be a black Republican mascot and little more. Condoleeza Rice serves in a similar capacity. Belafonte, by contrast, has always been his own man, with a deep humanist impulse. And for your information, Harry Belafonte made loads of great music, not just the song you referred to as “Day-O.” We have some in our library.

Your editorial criticized Belafonte for daring to criticize a “decorated war hero,” but the real issue is who Powell keeps company with. Bush and Cheney dodged the draft and use Powell’s shiny medals to endorse their administration. Powell’s advice is regularly ignored, but he’s remained faithful to his conservative masters, “towing the line.” These arguments of Belafonte’s are hardly “incoherent babble” — George W. supplies us with plenty of that (when will his handlers teach him how to pronounce “nuclear”?).

Your editor, or whoever wrote the piece, needs to be a little more skeptical. A “decorated war hero” might make a lousy politician because in times of peace, men of war often destroy themselves, sometimes by selling out to warmongers.

Andrew Huse is a member of the USF Library staff.