Letters to the Editor 10/10

Immigrants offer much to American culture

I was not mad when reading Tuesday’s letter to the editor titled “Immigrants, not Americans, must adapt.” Unlike many people, I was literally heartbroken. Looking at the different conflicts around the world, the only way I see to make things better is in us, the educated youth, who have lived and grown up around diversity and have learned to appreciate people for whomever they are.

Thus, I thought, until today, that we were more tolerant than our parents were. You talk about this country and its culture, but could you describe it? The United States is a country of freedom where all cultures have been able to express themselves while learning about others. This fact and many others make the beauty of the United States and also make its culture a patchwork of languages, religions and lifestyles.

These differences make American culture and confirm the American Dream that your forefathers had many years ago, so why should we not allow others to dream, as well? I forced myself to imagine what lost part of America the author grew up in to become such an ignorant man and miss out on so much. The author states in the letter that “the idea of America as a multicultural community only serves to dilute our … national identity.” Look around you: the most prosperous food businesses are foreign, such as Chinese, Italian and West Indian. This is only one aspect of the multiculturalism of the United States.

The author is in denial, maybe, but he might want to get real sometime soon because, in case he has not yet noticed, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism have become important religions in the United States; English is translated into Spanish in many public places (which you might want to learn to be competitive for a job these days).

Ignorance and intolerance like those expressed in Tuesday’s letter are the downfall of every nation these days, not diversity, which has brought so much to every part of the world. America was built at first by African slaves and the construction was taken over by Eastern Europeans and Asian immigrants, and today, by Mexican Americans. Think about who cooks your food when you go to a restaurant, who clean the floors of the malls you shop in, and even better, who makes the items you shop for. So, what do you have say again about the negativity of immigration these days?

There is so much I could say to make you understand how disgusting your opinion about diversity is, but it is in your hands to learn and educate yourself. I believe you cannot do so until you learn to love others for what they are.

Christelle Gogue is a senior majoring in interdisciplinary natural sciences.

Americans, not immigrants, cause of destruction

This is in response to Kevin Hettinger’s “Immigrants, not Americans, must adapt.”

Well, I am sick of it, too.

I am sick of people like you, always ready to tell immigrants to leave this country as if you owned America.

People like you who cannot take the change that is taking place; America is being found out, by its citizens and people around the world. America is being seen, finally, for what it really is: a land of two-facedness.

Well, it’s a bit too late for America to claim a national identity. America is a melting pot, people from all over make up this land, with different cultures, languages and religious backgrounds. Immigrants embellish the American culture; in regards to the language comment, it is very uneducated of someone to think the way that you do.

You mentioned that “in God we trust” is your motto. I agree it is, but has America ever followed this motto?

Where was this motto when slavery was taking place? When America invades other countries and takes advantage of them? When Americans think the way that you are thinking right now? What is godly and Christian about that?

How dare you use God and Christianity to convey your selfish views? This country is going down slowly but surely because many times it has left the motto it was built under.

Americans are the destruction of this land, not immigrants. If anything, we move here thinking it’s better, but unfortunately it’s only bigger, with the same politics and conspiracies that take place in a Third World country.

If Americans are so stuck on the First Amendment and the freedom that it gives every citizen, why then do Americans get defensive when legal immigrants speak freely?

We know that most Americans want to see this country rid of all immigrants, but not to worry; I don’t think anyone wants to stay in America in any case. But remember what comes around goes around; at the rate that America is going, most Americans could just be immigrants one of these days. “In God we trust?” Well, the God Americans trust has yet to show how unhappy and disappointed he is in regards to how America is acting.

Daphne Valmond is a junior majoring in international studies.

Not all Americans naive concerning immigrants

Mr. Hettinger’s opinions about Americans reflect a naivete that is frightening. I beg him not to be so narrow-minded about our society. He speaks of “America as a multi-cultural community” as some grand philosophical notion when in fact it is a reality which harsh and divisive words cannot change. He speaks of “our country, our land, and our lifestyle” as if we all wake up at the same time in the morning and comb our hair the same way. There are a plethora of lifestyles in this huge and varied country. Anyone who has seen or experienced life in an urban ghetto can attest to that. The same goes for the ultra-rich in Beverly Hills.

Don’t reduce all of us to your mediocrity, Mr. Hettinger. You may be part of the mainstream establishment and assume that your values reign supreme, but it is this mentality that keeps the rich folks in power and making laws and policies for beneficiaries of whom they have no knowledge.

Some people may not appreciate America. If they can’t afford cars, health insurance, child care, housing and the crack they got addicted to when the CIA spread it through the ghettos, then how do you expect them to afford a passport fee and a plane ticket? Where would they go, since they were born here?

Get out more, Mr. Hettinger. Take a vacation. Go talk to people with different lifestyles, different skin colors, different attitudes toward family or different sexualities; then come back and read the books.

Christian Reed is a graduate student in applied anthropology and public health.

Griffin, Mincberg not wrong to take plane ride

I am writing in concern about the article published Oct. 3 about the “ethical dilemma” that was brought up concerning Student Body president Mike Griffin and vice president Dave Mincberg. The Oracle challenged the “ethics” of their decision to attend the USF vs. Oklahoma game by flying in a private jet with President Genshaft. What the writer failed to mention was all the long, strenuous hours these two guys put in for our student body here at USF. They both have made sacrifices to represent our student body and, in return, should both be allowed to partake in trips such as this. I understand that this can be seen as an ethical dilemma, but I feel The Oracle took an otherwise harmless situation and broadcast it on the front page, making a big deal out of nothing.

I am pleased with the work both Griffin and Mincberg are doing to represent my fellow students and me and, in return, I believe they should be able to enjoy the perks of their political positions. There is a time and place to point out abuses of political power, but is taking a trip to Oklahoma to support our football team really that bad? Did they deserve all the bad attention the newspaper accredited to them? Does the reporter not think the President of the United States enjoys the perks of his job?

If their intentions were that of an “unethical” nature, then yes, continue to broadcast this information. But that is not the case of Mike and Dave here. If someone is doing his or her job and working hard at it, then let an insignificant issue of a plane trip (with seats that would probably have been empty anyway if they did not attend the game) not be plastered all over the front page of The Oracle.

John Cz is a senior majoring in marketing and management.