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Vandalism a new “trend”

Several vehicles were vandalized at USF last week, which has become an ongoing crime near campus for the past few weeks said Sgt. Mike Klingebiel, spokesman for the University Police.
Klingebiel said $3,415 in damages was done to seven vehicles at the parking lot near Magnolia Apartments sometime between Wednesday evening and early Thursday.
“There were several cars that got hit,” Klingebiel said. “It seems to be the trend. Temple Terrace has a few of these going on in this area.”
Klingebiel said University Police detectives are still working on the case and have a couple of leads, but no suspects have been confirmed.
Items from some of the vehicles were stolen, Klingebiel said, which was the personís motive to damage the cars.
“I think theyíre looking for loose equipment or whatever they can get,” Klingebiel said. “It’s important that people hide their possessions.”
A few years ago, Klingebiel said a similar incident occurred to vehicles parked overnight near USFís Credit Union. Klingebiel said vehicles are at risk of vandalism anywhere on campus.
“We are concerned with the entire campus, patrolling the entire (campus) area is sufficient,” Klingebiel said. “It could have occurred in any lot. When it comes to vehicular types of crimes, all parking lots have equal vulnerability.”