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Bulls Country vacated by time of kickoff

You could hear it a quarter of a mile away, on the other end of the University Mall.
The band played USFís fight song as the Sun Dolls danced along.
It was USF Day at the mall and coordinator for university advancement Bob Fialloís community introduction to the heart of Bulls Country.
About 50 mall patrons looked on as USF held a pep rally as a prelude to Saturdayís game against Oklahoma.
ìI thought it went really well,î Fiallo said. ìIt was nice to share USF with the people there for the afternoon.î
Fiallo described the crowds as solid in what had become an important event for his Bulls Country campaign, an effort to create a small college town atmosphere in North Tampa.
But as the game began at 7 p.m., the crowds tapered off. Fiallo had previously talked of a jumbo television screen in the front area of the mall for the USF faithful to watch during the game. But, as of halftime, there was no one in front of the screen, and only a small number were at Ruby Tuesdayís in the mall.
ì(Evening crowds) were light,î Fiallo said.
Fiallo said part of the problem was Athletic Association gatherings at other locations, such as Beef OíBradyís on Fowler Avenue. Fiallo was contacted by cell phone Sunday and said before connection was lost, that he could not comment on the size of the game-time crowd.
ìWe had folks who were watching the game,î Fiallo said.