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Faculty and staff await new pay raises

USF President Judy Genshaft’s proposed plan to give an additional salary increase to faculty members is in the works. But when faculty members will receive their pay raise has yet to be established, said Michael Reich, director for media relations.
Genshaft’s plan will reward an 8 to 10 percent increase to about 100 selected faculty members, Reich said. Provost David Stamps, along with the colleges’ deans, will review the criteria faculty members must meet and compile a list of eligible members for Genshaft to approve, Reich said.
The criteria faculty must meet will be set throughout this semester, Reich said.
The number of faculty members to receive the increase, Reich said, was decided as an acceptable amount with which to start.
He said 100 will be picked based on a reasonable amount of faculty to reward considering the budget cuts.
Starting Oct. 1, selected faculty and staff can expect to see a 2.5 percent pay increase, which is an across-the-board raise.
Reich said employees who have a satisfactory evaluation and meet the required hiring date will receive either a 2.5 percent increase or $600, whichever is greater. The same across-the-board increase was given to employees last year, Reich said.
The pay increase is awarded to faculty as well as employees in University Support Personnel Service, Administrative and Personnel and graduate assistants.
USPS employees met last week to begin discussing concerns employees have when the Board of Trustees are granted more power in January.
Reich said the board will have more control in spending, which could help increase faculty salaries.
“That’s the hope,” Reich said. “(Genshaft) plans on listening to the concerns of faculty and staff.”
Pay increases, Reich said, have been a main concern to Genshaft since she was inaugurated.
“Faculty salaries are very important to the president to recruit new faculty and reward faculty,” Reich said. “And she has been speaking to them about their concerns.”