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Library to offer research funds for graduates

USF graduate students may discover research for their field of study can be expensive.
Many students studying the humanities find their research needs to be taken outside of the country, which is why USF is offering stipends for students in this situation.
Starting this semester, the Florida Studies Center, a division of USF’s Library, will offer graduate research stipends to students studying the Florida arts or humanities to allot funds to graduate students engaged in their thesis or dissertation research.
Mark Greenberg, director of the Florida Studies Center, said $500 stipends will be issued from endowments the center receives.
The money can be also be used for travel expenses, Greenberg said, but the money given to the student will not exceed $500. If there is valuable information that is necessary to complete the research in another part of the world, such as Spain or England, and the graduate student needs financial help, the center is there to assist, Greenberg said.
“Unfortunately the center has yet to receive any applications for the fall semester,” Greenberg said. “It is almost as if this is yet another opportunity that too many people are overlooking.
“To my knowledge, we’re the only university in the state of Florida that sets aside a separate pool of money specifically to support graduate students working on a Florida topic.”
The applications for graduate research stipends are accepted twice a year for fall and spring semesters. Greenberg said the money will be given to graduate students who are dedicated to completing their research.
Students applying for a stipend will be evaluated based on their conference paper, resume and a detailed budget of how the money will be used.
“We’re looking for a student who has professionally thought about the cost of such a trip and who can prove that it is important to their field of study to make such a trip,” Greenberg said.
Greenberg said families, such as the Carlton’s, often donate money to help support the Florida Studies Center’s interests.
“The Carlton family is one with a strong interest in Florida and enjoys educating Floridians about their history,” Greenberg said. “I think supporting graduate students with our money is a good decision.”
The deadline for fall applications is Oct. 1. For more information, contact Mark Greenberg at 974-4141.