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Letters to the Editor

Jerry Ann Winters’ countersuit has firm support

I’m proud of Coach Jerry Ann Winters because she stood up and fought the malicious lies accusing her of racial discrimination. I’m proud of her because she held her head high and effectively rebutted all charges with honesty and dignity.

Even when President “can you say diversity” Genshaft ordered then Athletic Director, Paul Griffin to fire her, she vowed to get her job back. And at every subsequent turn, she kept on fighting like the champion she is.

But, most of all, I’m proud of her for turning the tables and filing her own law-suit against Dione Smith and the other black former basketball players who have maligned her good name. I only hope that she will include all the bad guys in the suit – including each and every one of the gutless, inept sub-administrators who, either by commission or omission, joined in the conspiracy.

Dione Smith’s pathetic 30 pieces of silver payoff (before taxes, of course) is laughable compared to what she will walk away with after she wins her lawsuit. And she will win. That is a no-brainer. All the lies have already been laid out in writing. They are in black and white (pun intended) – filed away in permanent USF records and court documents. I know because I have thoroughly researched this case. I also attended all open-court hearings.

If I can be of any help to her, I will. You never know what I’ve uncovered.

Bob Beasley is an associateprofessor of wellness and sports studies.

Student Union is a needed addition to USF

Is this “our” university? A Student Union is supposed to be a student’s home within the university, a place where communities are formed and pride is felt. Our “home” lacks the adequate infrastructure to provide students with the sufficient services they deserve. As incoming or prospective students tour the university, the Marshall Center is the first building they encounter and ultimately forms a lasting impression. Since our Student Union is inadequate, what is the impression we are making?

Most students are not aware of the guidelines made by the Association of College Unions International, which recommends that there should be “10 square feet” per student. The square footage of the Marshall Center is actually 161,000 sq. ft. and this figure includes the Special Events Center (a total of 55,000 sq. ft.), which sometimes sits empty and unused since this facility is only for large events. The footage for the Marshall Center without the SEC is 106,000 sq. ft., and this would be able to service about 10,600 students. What about the other 20,506 students at USF’s Tampa Campus?

As student representatives, it is time we set some things straight. There is a difference between tuition increases and fee increases. The state Legislature, not Student Government as stipulated in a recent editorial, imposes tuition increases. However, Student Government does have the power to request an increase in A&S fees but only with the administration’s approval. Any of the other fee increases cannot be “imposed” by the university administration without a committee of half students/half staff recommending it. Additionally, all tuition and fees have to be approved by the state Legislature, not just administration.

To address the issue of USF being a commuter school, it is time we admit that we have outgrown this stigma. According to Parking Services, two-thirds of the student body live within 10 miles of the campus. In addition, we have a shuttle and bus system that serves over 20,000 USF students in the surrounding community. Shouldn’t we have a facility that can adequately accommodate all students, while they are here on campus, a place that all students can call their “home away from home”?

In closing, we stand behind our student body president, Mike Griffin. He has done an outstanding job leading and representing the student body of the University of South Florida. He bleeds green and gold and has done nothing without the best interest of students in mind. An allegation that he would use advancement of the Marshall Center for personal gain is preposterous and untrue. Mike Griffin did not start the MC Enhancement Workgroup; he is simply trying to generate some momentum and support for an idea that is long overdue. We guess the person who wrote the recent editorial about this subject matter would have known this if they did some research.

We need a new student union. We need to make this a priority.

The Student Concerns Committee

Official’s comment merits racial slur status

The outrageous comments of New York City councilman Charles Barron, who, when speaking at a reparations rally, said he would like to “slap the first white person he sees,” seems to have evaded the attention of the same hyper-vigilant types who seem to detect racism everywhere else they look.

More notable is the failure of the media to treat the story with appropriate prominence. It’s hard to imagine a similar non-response if a Caucasian politician made an equivalent slur, or less.

This is a matter, after all, of an elected official publicly and unashamedly threatening to commit a hate crime. Standards must be applied consistently or else they cease to be standards and fail the test of intellectual honesty.

Jim Woods is a resident of Tampa.

Support President Bush, not tyrannical Hussein

In response to Wednesday’s editorial, I want to share a few thoughts. The editorial argues that, regarding U.N. weapons inspections, Iraq “should be given a chance to comply.” Is the editorial board not aware that Saddam Hussein forced U.N. weapon inspectors out of Iraq in 1998 and has had “a chance to comply” ever since then?

He has ignored U.N. resolutions for over 10 years (since the end of the Gulf War), and now, with the threat of a U.S. and British military operation looming, he has decided to abide by the U. N.’s resolutions.

Yes, it sounds suspicious to me, too. The Bush administration sees this as a stalling technique, serving only to give Hussein more time to develop weapons. The editorial board seems to think it is a sign of Hussein turning over a new leaf. Why is the editorial board willing to give a tyrannical leader who is known to have used lethal gases on his own people the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, be so skeptical of the Bush administration’s intentions?

The editorial ends by stating that what Iraq has done in the past should not matter, and that Bush’s primary focus should be on preventing a war. Again, let’s give Hussein a clean slate and accuse the Commander in Chief of the United States of not considering the seriousness of military action.

I’m sure the Bush administration is well aware of the possible loss of life that can accompany war. I’m also sure that it is well aware of the imminent threat that Hussein poses to the Middle East and the world. That is why the Bush administration and British leaders, not an anti-United States tyrannical leader of Iraq, should be supported.

If Iraq wanted to abide by the United Nation’s resolutions and free itself from sanctions, it would have done that a long time ago. Hussein and Iraq have other intentions; heaven only knows what they might be. Their time is up.

Greg Krauss is a graduate student in the College of Medicine.